Want more information about early Galveston? Check out our suggested reading list of sources we found helpful while researching the history, people, and architecture of Galveston from 1838-1859


  • Galveston: History of the Island and City Vol I-II by Charles W. Hayes
  • Galveston: A History by David G. McComb
  • Galveston Architecture Guidebook by Ellen Beasley and Stephen Fox
  • Sea of Mud: The Retreat of the Mexican Army after San Jacinto, an Archaeological Investigation by Gregg J. Dimmick
  • The Galveston Era: The Texas Crescent on the Eve of Secession by Earl Wesley Fornell
  • Alex Sweet’s Texas: The Lighter Side of Lone Star History by Alexander Edwin Sweet
  • Galveston’s Historic Downtown and Strand District by Denise Alexander
  • A History of Ashton Villa by Kenneth Hafertepe
  • Samuel May Williams Home; The Life and Neighborhood of an Early Galveston Entrepreneur by Margaret Swett Henson
  • The Galveston That Was by Howard Barnstone
  • Black churches in Texas: A Guide to Historic Congregations by Clyde McQueen
  • Texas Graveyards: A Cultural Legacy by Terry Jordan
  • Texas Cemeteries: The Resting Places of Famous, Infamous, and Just Plain Interesting Texans by Bill Harvey
  • Galveston’s Broadway Cemeteries by Kathleen Maca
  • The Corner Store: An American Tradition, Galveston Style by Ellen Beasley
  • Galveston Island; or a Few Months off the Coast of Texas; the Journal of Francis C. Sheridan 1839-1840 ed. Edited By Willis W. Pratt
  • William Bollaert’s Texas ed. By W. Eugene Hollon and Ruth Lapham Butler
  • Texas in 1837: An Anonymous, Contemporary Narrative by Andrew Forest Muir
  • The Chosen Folks: Jews on the Frontiers of Texas by Bryan Edward Stone
  • Commerce by D. Ryan Smith, Sherry B. Humphreys, Joann V. Pappas and Ellen N. Murry; 1983



  • Galveston Island or a Few Months off the Coast of Texas; The Journal of Francis C. Sheridan 1839-1840 ed. By Willis W. Pratt
  • Seeds of Empire: Cotton, Slavery, and the Transformation of the Texas Borderlands, 1800-1850 by Andrew J. Torget

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