1838 APRIL 13/14

The first official meeting of the Galveston City Company, Board of Directors voted

1838 APRIL 20

First public auction of land in Galveston by the Galveston City Company

1839 NOVEMBER 12

First public auction of land in Galveston by the Galveston City Company


Galveston incorporated as a city by the Republic of Texas


Block 568 and 611 set are reserved as a marketplace as well as the surrounding lots

1840 APRIL 22

Blocks 727 and 728 and the two squares north of each block (9 total) are reserved as a park

1840 JUNE

Olivia Mather appears before the Galveston City company with an application to purchase the lots where she has built her house. The City Company agrees to sell Olivia lots 8-11 on Block 429 where he  built her house, making her the first woman to buy land in Galveston

1840 JULY 22

Michel Menard, McKinney and Williams, and Ephram McLean receive titles from the City Company to their wharves after completion

1840 JULY 29

Blocks 100,101,160,161 set aside for burial grounds


McKinney and Williams receive $20,000 credit for their expense in erection of buildings for public entertainment, storage of goods, running Steam Boat – all of which deemed indispensable to the company

1841 JUNE 26

Block 378 where Galveston University stands is set apart for 10 years upon annual payment of 25 cents per lot, to keep the school house in good repair for use of the university

1844 FEBRUARY 29th

Rev. John Odin purchases Block 265 to build a Catholic school or convent at a discount, the title to be made to the Bishop


Benjamin Eaton Rector of Trinity Church receives lots 4-7 in Block 322 from the City Company to build a school


The City Company leases Mr. C.A. Shelton land to grow flowers and shrubbery

1854 FEBRUARY 16

Michel Menard is granted a cred it $21,650 to cover his debts and liabilities from organizing the company and paying off the deed from the Republic of Texas

1854 MAY 4

Gail Borden Jr. tenders his resignation as the City Company agent after

1854 JULY 11

Col. William H. Lacy purchases a wharf privilege for Block 734 on 14th and Harborside for the Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad Company


Bishop Odin finishes building St. Mary’s University on 13th and Broadway with at least 50 students by the formal opening

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