Galveston Historical Foundation’s Texas Seaport Museum is pleased to announce that they will be offering their Marine Biology Harbor Tour to the public on a limited basis. This unique experience takes place on board the SEAGULL II, a 50’ catamaran which docks at the Texas Seaport Museum, Pier 21, in Galveston. The tour runs from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and costs $20 per person.


The Marine Biology Tour provides participants with a hands-on opportunity to observe dolphins and other species in their natural habitat, trawl for and handle marine organisms, study plankton through a microscopic lens, and explore Galveston Bay’s rich history. Led by a marine biologist, the tour lasts one and a half hours.

Located in the historic port of Galveston, the Texas Seaport Museum is home to the 1877 ELISSA and also tells the story of a rich legacy of seaborne commerce and immigration. Look for ancestors with a one-of-a-kind computer database containing the names of more than 133,000 immigrants who entered the United States through Galveston, “The Ellis Island of the West”.  Join the Museum’s staff and volunteers as they bring the past to life through special exhibits and educational programs.

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  1. Betty Dungan

    Will you be offering this tour in Dec. 2017? We will be in town the first week of Dec. and are looking for things to do. Thanks.

  2. Susie

    I bought a ticket for this and I think I reserved a day in May..unfortunately I used my UTMB address and since I retired I don’t have access to it anymore. Is there any way you can check to see what day I scheduled for. My name is Susie Mott and my new email is you


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